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David E. Carter

David E. Carter is the pioneer of trademark and logo books. Since his first volume appeared in 1972, he has produced nearly eighty books on the subject. As a designer, he has created corporate identities for more than three hundred businesses worldwide, and he has also won seven Emmy Awards for his work in the television field. He is based in Ashland, Kentucky.

David E. Carter is the best-selling editor/author in the history of graphic design books. Since 1972, he has produced more than 100 books; all David E. Carter graphics books are published by HarperCollins of New York City, with distribution in more than 120 countries around the world.

Mr. Carter is actively seeking fresh, creative work for his new books. The column at left shows upcoming books; you can send your work for consideration for these books now.


David E. Carter biography

Imagine a time when there were no logo books. In 1972, when there were ZERO books on logos, David Carter self-published The Book of American Trade Marks (after 17 publishers rejected the book). Almost as an afterthought, he added Volume1 to the cover. The book was a runaway seller, eventually going through 15 printings. He published a second book, Trade Marks Volume 2, then a third. And... Flash forward to now: he has well over 100 books to his credit, and his name on a book cover is a guarantee of "quality inside." His dedication to quality content and production has made him the largest-selling author/editor in the history  of graphic design books.

Carter brings a varied background to the the communications world. The only son of what would later be called a "single parent household," he worked his way through the University of Kentucky, earning a degree in advertising. After working for a year in advertising, he then received an assistantship at Ohio University's renowned School of Journalism. Not long after receiving his master's degree, he started a one-man ad agency in his home town of Ashland, Kentucky.

Carter had been advised, "if you want to be in advertising, go to the big city. He ignored that advice, and his agency was soon accepted into the AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies.) Carter won his first Clio Award in 1980. (He would go on to be honored by the Clios ten times.) His agency grew, and his client list soon expanded geographically. By he early 1980s, he had clients in places such as Miami, San Diego and Anchorage.

He founded a TV production company in 1982 (because he wasn't happy with the quality of available firms). He eventually wrote and produced more than 700 TV commercials, many for clients in locations as diverse as Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. But it was his work in TV programming that got him national recognition. His creative productions wound up on PBS stations all over the United States. His program about the Mickey Mantle Fantasy Baseball Camp (which Carter founded) earned him his first Emmy Award. Another baseball-related program, The Long Summers of Lou Dials, about a Negro League star, earned him two more Emmys.  But his most visible output was yet to come. Beginning in 1988, he produced more than a dozen comedy sketches for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Overall, he received 7 Emmy Awards for his TV work.

In 1990, Carter left advertising and TV simply because "I was burned out."  He went from an ad agency with 20+ people, to a much smaller office of four. He soon saw opportunities in the emerging Asian market. He established a major presence there as a corporate identity consultant, with affiliate offices in Bangkok and Jakarta, creating brand images for many large Asian companies. In addition, he also had an affiliate office in Caracas, Venezuela.

Carter returned to the classroom at the age of 50. He received an MBA from Syracuse University, and immediately afterwards he applied for the Owner-President Management program at the Harvard Business School. He graduated from the 3-year OPM program at Harvard in 1998.

In 2003, at age 60, Carter was again feeling "burned out."  Over the years, he had started a dozen companies, and was still running several of them.  In 2003, he sold his largest business, a major national advertising awards competition that he had founded in 1979, to a New York investment company.  Soon afterwards, he sold his remaining companies, and made the move to Florida, to "live the life I wanted to live."

Now, in a land of "endless summer," Carter has chosen to slow down, but he hasn't stopped. He still edits two books each year on topics related to graphic design, logos and advertising.

In addition, he writes an occasional book "just for fun." His Dog Owner's Manual by Buster was published by Andrews-McMeel (who publish the Far Side books), and has found additional markets in Australia, New Zealand and Denmark. (Yes, there's a Danish edition titled Manual for Hunde-ejere. Vigtige ting of sager man bør vide om sin hund.)

His first novel, Darwin's Child, was published in 2005. The book has been optioned by a Hollywood production company. (Carter is realistic enough to know that in Hollywood, the word option means "an incredibly small chance of actually becoming a movie.")

Now living in Florida, and freed from the responsibilities of running multiple businesses, David has is once again involved in writing and producing for TV. He is currently working on a pilot project with British writer-producer Justin Golding, titled, appropriately, Discount British Comedy. (See the 10-minute trailer on the website.) He also produced a 2-hour DVD for Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico in the summer of 2006.

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How to get your work in David E. Carter's next book.

The David E. Carter Creativity Center Museum

A museum showcasing the life and career of David E. Carter was dedicated on October 21, 2005 at Ohio University's Southern Campus.

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